May 02-03, 2018

London, UK


Advancing Biomarker-Based Precision Therapies & High Value Diagnostic Assays to Robustly Defined Patient Populations

Through industry defining thought leadership from the movers and shakers of the precision medicine universe, World CDx Europe Summit showcases field-defining case studies dedicated to laying the roadmap to help you rapidly progress from exploratory biomarker to predictive, efficacious therapy and fully-approved CDx.

What’s new this year at World CDx Europe 2017:

  • Precision medicine and diagnostic advances in alternative disorders such as rare, cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases, take centre stage
  • We tackle the shifting paradigm from precision medicine to cohort medicine and having a major discussion around appropriate cut offs for “responder populations”
  • We’re discussing writing the “guidebook” on Rx-Dx partnering – when to engage in talks, who to engage with, what to discuss when, how to develop realistic timeframes, how to minimize risk held by all stakeholders, how to successfully co-launch the drug and diagnostic – optimised by our mock CDx Rx-Dx deal session
  • Defining the economic impact of commercializing and integrating precision medicines & companion diagnostics into healthcare
  • Can we create the perfect, “universal” CDx test and the increasingly integration of systems biology into precision medicine to improve our understanding of disease complexity and patient stratification
  • How innovation in trial design and biomarker strategies can improve the clinical success of drug development
  • World CDx Europe 2017 represents our most diverse event to date. We’ve made a real effort to not only increase the breadth of companies from big pharma and midsized biotech but to also increase the diversity of our speaker faculty to bring new and valuable opinions and experiences to the table.

As the go-to event for biomarker and drug developers, we pride ourselves on providing a community platform for the candid, disruptive conversations this industry needs to have. Forget the ego-fest, these are the conversations that matter.

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