15-17 April, 2019

The Waldorf Hilton

London, UK

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Built for biomarker and translational experts, Clinical Biomarkers will showcase the development and clinical validation of next generation biomarker signatures, such as circulating markers, proteomics and multi-analyte profiles, for robust patient selection.

This stream is here to help biomarker, translational and clinical experts overcome challenges in the application of a biomarker profile to prove efficacy for, and streamline the approval of, targeted therapeutics.

Key Topics to be Addressed in 2018:

symbol logo Advance the stratification of patients to more robustly select responders for immuno-oncology drug development success
 symbol logo  Improve the success of biomarker driven clinical trials through innovation in biomarker sampling, trial design  and clinical evidence reporting
 symbol logo  Learn how to apply the hottest novel predictive signatures to improve the accuracy of patient selection across therapeutic areas
symbol logo Accelerate the application of circulating biomarkers and liquid biopsy to inform patient selection and therapeutic decision making
 symbol logo Asses the latest advancements in the digitalisation of precision medicine, from mHealth to digital pathology, and understand how to apply these technologies to your therapeutic programmes

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