15-17 April, 2019

The Waldorf Hilton

London, UK

It is clear the success of an efficacious, patient-centric precision medicine fundamentally rests on a solid predictive biomarker foundation. This importance only heightens as multiple drug developers fight for market share for similar targets in similar indications and healthcare providers and payers demand to see more robust clinical benefit to specific patient cohorts.

Built for biomarker, translational and clinical experts, the Clinical Biomarkers stream will help you overcome challenges in the discovery, development and clinical validation of novel biomarkers. From addressing heterogeneity of disease to exploratory biomarker endeavours, validation of patient stratifying predictive signatures and the latest assaying technology, the Clinical Biomarkers stream will showcase the demonstration of biomarker clinical utility to accelerate the approval of next generation precision medicines.

Key Topics to be Addressed in 2019:

symbol logo How to best discover novel biomarkers and streamline their translation into clinically relevant signatures
 symbol logo Best practice in clinically validating biomarkers and ensuring robust diagnostic co-development
 symbol logo Evaluate the real-world adoption and uptake of Dx testing to inform future platform selection to maximise market share of your precision medicines
symbol logo Exploring innovative technologies to demonstration of your biomarker’s predictive utility
 symbol logo Designing and executing biomarker-driven and Dx-enabled clinical trials
 symbol logo Powering biomarker analytics to accelerate the demonstration of predictiveness and value of precision medicines to healthcare systems